Wax Tailor

It’s not often that you get to stop motion animated in open spaces. Production was 5 long months animating in the cold weather but I loved every moment, definitely one of my most beloved projects I’ve worked on.

Role: Director, Animator, Editor 

Directed by: Seamus Spilsbury & Darcy Prendergast

Production Company: Oh Yeah Wow

Animation: Samuel Lewis, Mike Greaney, Seamus Spilsbury, Darcy Prendergast

VFX Supervisor: Josh Thomas

Assistant Animation: Alexandra Calisto de Carvalho, Joel Williams

Compositing:Josh Thomas, Jeremy Blode, James Bailey, Alexandra Calisto de Carvalho, Keith Crawford, Dan Steen

Crotchet Sculptor: Julie Ramsden

Editor: Seamus Spilsbury

Colourist: Dan Stonehouse (Crayon)

Special Thanks: Jess Mew, Tarsh Dickensen, Adrian Faber, Chani Caulfield

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