Over 100 people to animate over 4 days of shooting. This project was a joy to be on set working with all the real people experiencing the world of stop motion for the first time.

Role: Animator

Directed by Darcy Prendergast
Produced by Christina Remnant
Production: Oh Yeah Wow

DOP: Liam Gilmour
Production Designer: Jackson Dickie
Production Manager: John Sandow
Stop Motion Animator: Seamus Spilsbury

VFX Supervisors: Dave Abbott and Josh Thomas
Offline Editor: Shannon Michaelas
3D Animation Lead: Josh Thomas
Lead Compositor and Online Editor: Dave Abbott
VFX and Animation Assistant: Henry Bullen

Colour Grade: CJ Dobson at Pocket Post

Sound Design: Dead On Sound
Sound Designers: Ryan Granger & Adam Hunt

Creative Agency: Special Group

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