Monsters Playground

A little sneak peek

Seamus Spilsbury and Darcy Prendergast won the inaugural Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Pitch competition for scripted series intended for television or the web.

Their concept Monster’s Playground follows fun-loving siblings Bro-Bro and Siswa and their magical pal who can conjure up a bathtub rocket ship, attract a flock of winged hedgehogs and land the siblings in sticky situations.

The pair’s pilot for a Claymation series of the same title has been nominated for the best short animation prize at the 8th AACTA Awards.

It may grace a screen near you one day, until then please enjoy these adorable snips from the pilot, or ask me if you would like to see more.

Role: Writer, Director, Animator, Sculptor

Writers: Seamus Spilsbury & Darcy Prendergast

Directors: Seamus Spilsbury & Darcy Prendergast

Producer: Christina Remnant

Production Company: Oh Yeah Wow

Narrator: Claudia Karvan

Animator: Seamus Spilsbury

Scultptors: Jayden Dowler, Darcy Prendergast, Seamus Spilsbury

Character design: Sam Lewis, Darcy Prendergast

Armatures: Scott Ebdon

Sets: Joel Goodall

Props: Pierce Davidson

Editor: Seamus Spilsbury

VFX Supervisor: Josh Thomas

Compositor: Robert Jordan, Dave Abbott

Clean Up: Henry Bullen, Rob Ride, Zada Herbert, Dave Abbott

Data Wrangler: Dave Abbott

Cast: Oliver Achen, Quinn Cassidy, Cisco Chorney, Coco Horney, Jasper Hunt, Christian Kokkinos, Dali Koren, Katie McMillan, Lucy McMillan, Brooke Newlyn, Chloe Newlyn

Voice Over Coach: Jamie Messenger

Sound Assitants: Talia Raso, Shane Javie Kohn

Voice Over Recording & Sound Design: Dead On Sound

Sound Designers: Ryan Granger, Adam Hunt

Production Assistant: Dylan Langmaid

Visual Consultant: Thom Neal

Gaffer: Con Mancuso

Colourist: Julien Chichignoud

Art Department: Dlyan Langmaid, Skye Henwood, Tom Murray, Sarah Kleffner, Mark Ingram, Cindy Rodriguez, Shannon Glowaki

Storyboard: Tasman Smith

Animatic: Namira Primandari

Narration Recorded by: Rumble Studios

Special Thanks: Jannine Barnes, Adam Cassidy, Erin Linley, Michelle Giblet, Mike Greaney

More Thanks: Michelle Hunt, Jeremy Koren, Kate Newland, Adam Hunt, James Bailey, Kate Newlyn, Rachel Thomson, Arthur Kokkinos

Developed with the assistance of: Victoria State Government & Film Victoria

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